ARC Review of Monday Night Guy by Liz Lovelock

I had the opportunity of receiving an ARC copy of Monday Night Guy by Liz Lovelock in hopes of leaving an honest review after completion.

My Review

Monday Night Guy by Liz Lovelock was the first book that I have read by the author. Monday Night Guy is certainly fast-paced, but in no way does it hinder the story. It actually works in my opinion. I liked the writing and carefully done characterization. However, I wanted more back history between our two main characters, Parker and Addison, just to deepen their attraction a little more.

Parker and Addison share a forbidden kiss that basically shapes the whole story. The ramifications of their shared kiss is done perfectly. I liked the back and forth dynamic that Ms. Lovelock created between our characters. The constant tension that surrounds Parker and Addison is intense and hot, but neither of them can stay away from the other. They are always running into one another, encroaching on one another’s space, particularly Parker. Parker certainly likes to get under Addison’s skin.

Addison however, is in deep denial of why she claims to hate Parker so much. Most of the story involves Addison trying to comprehend actually what she feels for Parker. Parker don’t have the same issue. He already knows what he feels for Addison. Parker has always wanted Addison, always wanted Addison to be his.

I have to say my favorite parts of the story aside from Addison and Parker’s ongoing bickering, were their one-on-one alone time getting to know one another, truly without outside forces getting in the way. They were able to see just how far their feelings went for the other. It was sweet and very loving, and also a little hot, but not too hot.

I’m so happy that Addison and her sister, Ella got to re-establish their sisterly bond. I loved how Addison cared for her brother, Devon. I enjoyed the moments between Addison and her group of friends. Parker was great with Devon along with his other guy friends. I love, love Parker’s mom and sister. They were amazing. However, I absolutely hated Addison’s ex-boyfriend, Hayden. What a horrible person.

Monday Night Guy by Liz Lovelock receives a four star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐! I’m definitely reading the next book in the My Guy Series. I’m super pumped for it.

Monday Night Guy by Liz Lovelock becomes available on June 21st, 2018!


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