Just a Bit Wrong by Alessandra Hazard Review


My Review

I love this series more and more! Just a Bit Wrong by Alessandra Hazard is hot as well as good. I love the character development of Tristan and Zach. Tristan, like is adoptive brother, Gabe are the guys you love to hate, but you’re drawn to their vulnerable qualities. Tristan is a diva, spiteful and funny, but broken in a number of ways. I loved how Ms. Hazard was able to me make care for this character in spite of his less-than-stellar traits.

Zach is an alpha male through and through. He’s dominant, intense. I liked how he put Tristan in his place in different moments throughout the story’s progression. Tristan couldn’t play his little games with Zach. Zach saw through him every time.

I enjoyed all the times Zach and Tristan went head-to-head. It was rather entertaining, not to mention sexy as hell. Tristan had a way to get under Zach’s skin, to really get his blood pumping. The chemistry between Zach and Tristan won’t disappoint. It was mind-blowing to visualize the sparks between these two.

Zach certainly didn’t think he could ever be attracted to a person of the same sex. His attraction to Tristan takes him by surprise. He can’t deny what he feels for Tristan, the brat.

Tristan is definitely taken aback by his feelings for Zach. It confuses him, throws him off balance. He’s so used to being in control at every turn, but he’s never in control around Zach. He never really needed anyone, or believed in love, or think he’s worth loving, but Zach coming into his life as his physical therapist proves him wrong.

I have to say Just a Bit Wrong by Alessandra Hazard is my favorite book out of the series so far. I just loved all of Zach & Tristan interactions, seeing how their relationship took many turns. This book definitely gets a five star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


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